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About Me

WRITING OVER COFFEE dedicated to beauty, wellness, and success. Its purpose is to help you live your best life! That means improving your habits, learning how to set and achieve goals, improving your physical and mental health, and discovering things you'll love. Writing over Coffee is a place for you to find guidance as well as an outlet, and, most importantly, a plethora of actionable advice to get you closer to your objective.

I started WOC in October 2018, driven by my belief that we should make the most out of every day. My goal is to help you lead a healthier, more positive, productive, and creative life. I believe all of that can be summed up in two words- true freedom. Everyone has their own definition of true freedom. For me, that's the ability to make the most out of every day, live with financial security, and enjoy good physical and mental health, while being able to pursue my goals. I want to achieve that through WOC and help you achieve that as well.


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My Top 5 Free Productivity Apps

Today I want to show you some of the apps that have been instrumental in my staying productive and achieving my goals. Productivity is extremely important to me and these 5 apps I'm about to show you make up my faithful entourage in the battle toward a completed to-do list. I'm sad to say that one of the apps is no longer available. Somehow it hasn't disappeared from my phone. I'd cry like a baby if one day it's not there anymore.

Finding the right productivity setup was difficult for me. I kept crushing on various physical and digital management tools, methods and techniques, minimalistic designs, and colorful abundant journals and ideas of what my future setup should be so I'd be able to achieve streamlined productivity. I made lists, set up notebooks and bullet journals, started looking for a planner to buy, downloaded dozens of apps both on computer and mobile. All of that took up too much time and I kept focusing on trying out all of those things instead …

11 Tiny Habits that will Significantly Improve your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

For almost every person the first step towards improving in any aspect of life entails setting big goals- they say they're gonna start working out more, start eating healthier, start this and that more... Firstly, I call those ''intentions'' not "goals". Secondly, that is probably why so many people don't succeed. They believe the vague sentiments are their goals and those are some pretty daunting goals because instead of getting from point A to B, these "goals" assume going through the whole alphabet and beyond. This is why I call them intentions instead of goals.

Tiny Habits to Improve Physical Health1. Warm Lemon Water
Pouring warm water in a cup and squeezing a little bit of lemon juice in it takes a minute to do in the morning before doing anything else. Drinking this on an empty stomach gives you a boost of Vitamin C, providing you with more energy during the day and promoting better gut health. Tip: make sure the water is warm and not …

Your Moisturizer Might be Drying out your Skin and How to Stop It

The core of a skincare regimen is cleanse, tone, moisturize. Acids, serums, masks, exfoliants, oils, and so on are additional steps most of us more or less depend on for maintaining the health and youthfulness of our skin or to cure acne and other skin issues. Moisturizer is often the last step in our skincare regimens, hopefully, right before sunscreen. Today I want to talk to you about moisturizer and how my best cream turned out t be drying out my skin further. As much as I like my creams slathering one and being done is just not that simple. Simplicity in skincare has its benefits but going with just those three core steps wouldn't be enough for pst people unless they have normal skin. Still, even the normal, balanced skin type goes through periods when the skin is on the drier or oilier side depending on the weather, diet, emotional, and hormonal states, and so on. Because of that, you either gotta have your holy grail moisturizer that works flawlessly with your skin no matt…