Struggles new bloggers face and how to overcome them

13:10:00 Ivvie Bengtsson 5 Comments

Have you scrolled through one of those popular blogs recently? The ones with gorgeous themes and beautiful graphics? Have you noticed how well-balanced the layout is? How about the abundance of content they have or the post that went viral on Pinterest and had people leaving hundreds of comments? Do you ever imagine what those blogs must have looked like when they were newly created? Do you wonder what those bloggers did to be so prolific? 

As a newbie blogger, I am guilty of all of the above. I scroll through ten to twenty blogs a day, both popular and undiscovered. Although that helps me learn a lot about what works and what doesn't, it also makes me feel smaller than I am. Lately, I have been struggling with my confidence as an aspiring blogger. I have recognized that my problem doesn't lie as much in my comparing myself to others as it does in my own restrictions and self-imposed rules, and above all - my unreasonably high expectations I have placed upon myself.

Since recognizing the problem is half the solution, I focused on some of the struggles we, aspiring bloggers, face and decided to share ways to overcome them so our true talent can shine through in its full capacity.

Comparison can turn toxic

It can be useful for us to compare our blogs to more popular ones, that way we can learn to identify what needs to be polished and improved. However, there is a thin line between healthy and toxic comparison. If you catch yourself obsessively scrolling through other blogs and mentally listing all the things that are better, or you start feeling strongly displeased over the look of your blog although you considered it beautiful a few days prior, that might mean that you should take a deep breath and step away from your device. Comparing yourself to others like that will get you nowhere, it will set you back by a mile. You blog should resemble you, it should carry your personality in the way it looks, not somebody else's.

Niche worry

Since I'm doing the nicheless thing which is a bit of a taboo in blogging guides, I sometimes worry whether a post is appropriate or not. I get anxious and writing doesn't come easy in that case, or at all for that matter. My answer to those worries is simple- we cannot always know what's to become of us. We might decide to change our well-established niche, encompass more than one, or have every other post fall into a different niche. There is no reason why we should sweat something we cannot predict. Better have that post up, niche or not, than let the Publish button feel lonely and rejected.

Target Audience

What I have noticed is that niche and target audience go together like a matching panty set. The thing is I don't do matching panty sets. I figured there is no need for me to stress about my supposed target audience before I have even started publishing and learn how to blog. The term itself used to put me off because it sounded so cold to me at first and I didn't want to be cold with blogging. I want to build a community and help and inspire my readers which will hopefully become my friends too. I decided to forget about targeting and just find the audience that I will enjoy my writing and I will enjoy writing for. That is you, who is reading this right now. I enjoyed writing this for you. 

Social media frenzy

When I created my blog, I had only Pinterest, Tumblr, and We Heart It accounts for personal use. Twitter, Instagram, and the like came later. I read a few guides on how to take social media by storm but the truth is I'm not that big on social media though I try my best. I came up with a social media schedule that would work for me but even that wasn't enough. Numbers aren't exponentially growing and this is why it's ok: social media consist of thousands of sharing platforms, bookmarking platforms, etc. with millions of accounts per site. I have always had a realistic view on social media and never fooled myself that I would be taking it by storm and neither should you. The more you obsess over your astounding graphics not being re-pinned or that your best selfie isn't being hearted on Instagram, the more you will start feeling discouraged. You will loose track on what's important about blogging. The quality of you content doesn't measure in Facebook likes, or re-pins, the quality is found in what you relay - information and emotion. Promotion is one of the keys that unlock a blog's success chest, that is the best way to get discovered. However, never forget that quality lies in the post you have written, not in social media numbers. I remind myself of that every time I upload something on any of my accounts and has helped me see what truly counts in blogging, and it will never be numbers but quality and individuality.

Need for Shares

Two words: going viral. One of those ultimate goals, isn't it? Writing an amazing post… creating beautiful graphics to go with it… hitting publish… sharing it on all your social media and… sitting back and watching it go… viral. We all want to see the day a post gets 3 or 4 digits worth of shares, it would be great acknowledgment of our efforts. However, don't sweat it, or else it won't be as satisfying when it happen. I have set my eyes on Pinterest, my favorite site, to utilize as a game-changer. Pinterest is a common goal in the blogging world and I realize how difficult it can be to create graphics that will be noticed among the other, some much more masterful than my own. That realization helps have a clear vision of what I want to achieve and how I can achieve it. I know that burning the midnight oil forcing myself to create something pin worthy will spoil the joy and the sense of achievement I will get once I have a post going viral on Pinterest. Scrolling through my feed I see countless popular pins and that makes me feel like almost every blog gets there at some point.

At a loss for words… and passion

We all remember how ecstatic we were when we decided to create our blogs. Blog post ideas were swarming and we were flooded with visuals of the successes would surely have… Sometimes, however, it's hard to stay motivated, it's almost impossible to put pen to paper and create a good post. Our drive fades away sometimes but it's ok. We will keep going, keep drafting, and editing... And posting. To any newbie blogger reading this I would like to say draft for yourself, edit for your readers. As far as motivation goes, don't forget why you started in the first place. We might get lost sometimes in the numbers of likes, shares, and whatnot but we won't permanently lose track of why we blog. We learn and although will make mistakes we will always find our back to what we find sacred about blogging. 

So, tell me, why do you blog? How did you start and how long have you been blogging for? What drives you to go on when you feel like giving up? Comment below and find some motivational spark among your fellow newbies!