Hello, Blogging! I'm Ivvie Bengtsson

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Hey, there! First things first, thank you for giving my blog a chance and clicking on it! I hope you stay awhile. I have been wondering quite a lot what my first post should be, I tend to be a bit of an overthinker and that doesn't always pay off well. I knew, however, that I wanted to let you get to know me right off the bat. 
So, to get the ball (or blog) rolling, here are: 

1. I'm currently in Sweden.
2. I have been in a long-distance relationship for the last five years.
3. I was born on 29th February.
4. My zodiac sign is Pisces and I fit the description of it quite well.  
5. Summer is my favourite season partially because of all the homegrown fruits and veggies I get to eat.
6. The composer I listen to most often is Claude Debussy. I love Arabesque no.2.  It's a very energetic piece and gets stuck in my head for days.
7. The book most special to my heart is Neverending story by Michael Ende.
8. I believe in gender equality. Both man and women have issues with how they see both the other gender and their own, and that should be bringing them closer towards mutual understanding instead of alienation.
9. I am a firm believer and supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. Love and passion have no solid shapes. Acceptance and happiness are the only things that matter. Sexuality does not determine character. 
10. I am disappointed in my home country, Bulgaria, for not having legalised same-gender marriage yet, and for the homophobia that has spread in so many people.
11. I call everything a colour. Sunshine is a colour, stripes is a colour, and my boyfriend is a colour, too. I'm silly like that.
12. I want an RV to travel around the world with. I would collect souvenirs and write a book or two about my life on the road and all the amazing people I would meet.
13. Another life-long dream of mine is to open my own café that serves numerous coffee recipes and doubles as a library and a bookstore. 
14. My favourite comedy movie is from 1995 and it's called Dracula: Dead and Loving it.
15. I never watch horror movies.
16. My favourite mobile game is Hay Day.
17. In the shower, I don't sing. I dance. And sometimes I do mild workouts.
18. I want to dye my hair all sorts of colours. Mainly lavender. 
19. While most other kids would say they wanted to become singer or actors or princesses, I would say I wanted to take care of the seas and the fishies. Later I found out that meant I wanted to become a marine biologist.
20. Some of my favourite series are Supernatural, Teen Wolf,  True Blood of the live action; Gravity Falls and Futurama of the animated.
21. My favourite anime is Naruto and nothing beats that for me. No, not even Bleach, not even close.
22.  I'm horrible at doing makeup. I have tried and failed many times. I want to be able to do it but I don't necessarily want to put in on my face for more than an hour or two. I only wear lipstick.
23. I am a fan of authentic vampire folklore. I like following and comparing how the figure of the vampire changes in popular culture (e.g. movies, books, games, music). The figure of the vampire also finds a reflection in human psychology like no other creature. 
24. When I was younger I used to read mainly Greek and Egyptian mythology which is still my favourite mythology to read.
25. I'm not a religious person.
26. I have a silver streak in my hair on the left side, I was born with it, and  I really like it.
27. I like picking rocks off the ground wherever I go and bring home at least one.
28. I'm a huge procrastinator. I want to be the kind of person that is productive all day long and has established habits and routines. And follow through with a To-Do List. 
29. The numbers 9 and 29 make me happy because I met my boyfriend online on 29th August and we got together on 9th of March.
30. I love homemade pickles and I eat only those. I also love drinking the juice.
31. I recently learnt how to swim in a Swedish lake. 
32. I add excessive amounts of black pepper to my food. 
33. Critics on YouTube annoy me to no end.
34. I manage to hit at least one of my knees multiple times a day every day.
35. I had a 2-month period during which I dreamt mostly about waters- the sea, the ocean, lakes... In my dreams, I felt an overwhelming need to be in the water.
36. If there is something I like about my personality, it's how tolerant and compassionate I am. I don't mind anyone's choices as long as they are not intentionally doing something to hurt other people.
37. We, humans, have both good and bad inside us and that inevitably creates a grey gradient. A part of us where rhyme and reason apply to both sides or to neither one of them. I respect people that contemplate that aspect of humanity and try to find balance within themselves. I believe that the way to change the world is not through slogans and hashtags, alienation due to sexuality and race, or calling people out and insulting them on social media. Look within you and evaluate your own personality, look around you and see what could be changed immediately, better yourself and show people what you're doing. Inspire them to be better. Support those who do. 
38. My favourite things about my home country, Bulgaria, is the literature and the little nature we have left. The history is gut-wrenching and I'm proud of some of our historical figures.
39. I have the tendency of getting fired up about some things. I feel great excitement and can barely wait to start with something (like journaling, scrapbooking, becoming better at drawing etc.). After a few days and a whirlwind of ideas and expectations my enthusiasm dies down. I dislike that about myself and I want to change it.
40. My favourite computer games when I was a kid were Feeding Frenzy and Chicken Invaders.
41. I had a job at a three-storey all-purpose store. I had to work 11 h every day for 14 days all the while standing up. Rules were to stand on your feet and walk around even when there were no customers or any more work needed to be done. I quit because of the bad conditions and the bad people that put me down when I was doing my best. Quiting felt amazing. I felt light and like I could finally breathe despite the 35 C outside. The experience gave a sense of determination to be my own boss some day. 
42. One of my favourite foods is Musaka. A casserole type meal made of potatoes and minced meat.
43. My mother left me and my dad when I was 3 months old and never tried to reach me or him again. I'm grateful she left because of the harmful way she had treated me when I was a baby.
44. I don't believe in the claim that everyone inevitably raises their children the way they have been raised. I'm will never be like her.
45. I love experimenting in the kitchen but I sometimes feel very guilty when something doesn't work out and it was meant for other people to eat.
46. I don't watch tv. The news, the interviews, the political ramblings... it all felt very discouraging. Now, I'm only interested in the documentary and the cartoon channels. 
47. I want a black pug. I love those dogs.
48. I love knock-knock jokes. My boyfriend thinks they are flat but I always laugh at them.
49. I love grammar. That's one of my favourite things about a language.
50. Just creating my blog and writing this post has given me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. I already feel like blogging will be more than just a hobby for me.